Do I need an accountant or a bookkeeper?

You know you need some help with your business’ finances. But what kind of help is right for you?

Often, business owners think the most important choice is whether they hire an outsourced bookkeeper or accountant. Really, what’s most important is finding a finance function that meets all your needs, whatever form that takes. Our Fresh Approach to bookkeeping is designed to do exactly that. Here’s how: 

You need to keep HMRC happy 

Your first priority as a business owner is making sure you’re following all the rules, laws and regulations you need to be. For most, your biggest obligations are to HMRC and ensuring you have the right financial information submitted by set deadlines: 

  • Sole Traders are required to complete a Self-Assessment Tax Return
  • Partnerships are required to complete a partnership Tax Return and separate Self-Assessment Tax Returns for each partner 
  • Limited Companies are required to complete an Annual Return, CT600 Company Accounts, and Directors are required to complete Self-Assessment Tax Returns.
  • Any business with employees needs to complete payroll weekly or monthly via RTI (Real Time Information) software and submit it to HMRC.

A bookkeeper can help you keep on top of all your finances,  with the right training, experience, and knowledge, like our Fresh Financials team

Fresh Approach to Daily Bookkeeping

What if you knew you were making the right decisions for you, your business and your team every time? What if you could meet each day with confidence? What if you had up to date data in your back pocket that told the full story of your business? 

That’s exactly what the Fresh Approach to bookkeeping provides. 

Sometimes, accountants can get caught up in the big picture. They’re not looking at your business’ finances every single day, seeing each new transaction, categorizing every bill and tracking all your invoices. 

Our daily bookkeeping means we’re as closely involved in your business as you are. Instead of only having your numbers updated at the end of a week or a month, you get fresh data every single day. If an opportunity comes around tomorrow, do you have the information to make that decision with confidence? With Fresh Financials on your side, that answer’s a resounding yes, every time. 

Read more about how daily bookkeeping can transform your business here. 

You need a partner who’s invested in your business and your life 

Many of our clients come to us with frustrating experiences from past accountants or bookkeepers. They felt like just another paycheck to a big firm, or weren’t having their questions answered for days or weeks after they’d been asked. 

We do things differently at Fresh Financials. We invest into all aspects of you and your business, from your long term dreams to your short term plans, from your upcoming holiday to the problems weighing heavy on your mind. And our unlimited telephone and email support means you can reach out anytime with anything. 

Whatever life throws at you, we’ve got your back. 

If you’re ready to see how the Fresh Approach can transform your business, get in touch today.