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Our clients run all sorts of businesses and come from all walks of life. The one common thread?

They’re books are in excellent order.

“The processes we now have in place have given us back much needed time and a new level of organisation,.”

Peter and Mark - Simply Academy

Simply Academy provides award-winning training and apprenticeship programs to the financial services sector along with government certified training.

Their challenge
Bookkeeping was a chore

The Fresh Financials solution
Fresh Financials redid the past six months of bookkeeping, ironing out problems, implementing new systems, and allowing Peter and Mark to focus on what they love.

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“Great stuff! With Fresh Financials on board, and our books in
the cloud, we’re on the fast-track to Heaven now”

Piers Shepperd – WonderWorks

WonderWorks are the technical productions whizzes behind a whole host of entertainment events across the UK and worldwide.

Their challenge
Keeping their accounts up to date and making sure the coding was correct.

The Fresh Financials solution
A full ‘health check’ on the books, followed by setting up day-to-day bookkeeping. After uncovering a few errors which were swiftly fixed, WonderWorks now can see what they need to see – anytime, anywhere.

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“Our bookkeeping and day-to-day management of the business has improved dramatically, saving me time and making everything run more smoothly.”

Verity Sowden – Cross Country Magazine

Cross Country Magazine is a leading international publication that promotes the exhilarating sport of free-flying across the globe.

Their challenge
Switching to Xero from a legacy QuickBooks system.

The Fresh Financials solution:
Seamless move to Xero, streamlining all accounts processes and cutting in half the time spent on financial admin. They also get ongoing support so their bookkeeping confidence is massively increased..

“Emma spoke the same technical language as me and I knew I had found the right people to take my company to the next level when I initially spoke with her on the phone. We have automated our time consuming daily admin tasks with a direct API feed from our own software. Our bookkeeping is now done every day as opposed to every year. As the owner I now have fully transparent up to date financial info that I need to make important business decisions. I had hoped this was going to be possible and it has become a reality in a very short time. I feel a massive burden of uncertainty has been lifted from my shoulders. ”

Julia Harding – Owner. Crown Gardens Holiday Homes

Crown Gardens is an upmarket holiday letting company

Their challenge
Meeting the looming VAT deadline and keeping on top of the financial side of the business

The Fresh Financials solution
Set Crown Gardens up on Xero in a day and re-started 3 months’ worth of bookkeeping from the beginning of the VAT quarter. Once the VAT deadline was met, in order to streamline the process going forward, Fresh Financials set up bank feeds in Xero and created an API linking Julia’s custom bookkeeping systems to Xero. Julia no longer feels detached from her financials and always has the information on hand to check her VAT when needed.

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“I could not imagine being able to run my small business without Fresh Financials. They are absolute experts at Xero bookkeeping and accounting services, cash flow, VAT and payroll. They help me decipher my figures for making business decisions, give weekly financial updates, keep everything reconciled daily and introduce me to new cloud-based tools to make us more efficient.Brilliant.”

Emma Pearce

Pearce Marketing is an outsourced marketing agency based in East Sussex that provides digital and traditional marketing services to a wide range of small and medium sized businesses - from ecommerce businesses and farm shops, to professional services and manufacturers.

Their challenge
Closely managing all their accounts took up too much of Emma’s time

The Fresh Financials solution
Transitioning to Xero, implementing time-saving apps like Chaser, and the Fresh Financials team managing sales invoices and work in advance, means Emma can run her business with confidence.

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