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You’re making decisions every single day for your business. Big or small, they all have the power to change your path. You need:

Confidence you’re heading where you want to go

Impeccable data to make decision making easy

A support network behind you every step of the way

Building a financial relationship.

We become a true part of your business: a financial relationship built on truth, transparency and real honesty.

When you work with Fresh Financials, you don’t have just one person behind you.

You’ve got the whole team.

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Emma Fox

Founder & Managing Director
“Numbers shouldn’t be this much fun”

I knew from a young age that numbers were my calling. My first entrepreneurial endeavour was at boarding school where I would stock up on sweets, chocolate bars and drinks and resell them throughout the term. Over time I discovered a passion for turning random documents into something of meaning, and that’s still what I and the team do today at Fresh Financials. Originally working from home and now from a converted barn at the base of the South Downs, our business is moving forward at a fast pace, and I’m so honoured to have won Xero’s UK Bookkeeper of the Year Award in 2016. I get real enjoyment and satisfaction from organising things, and helping business owners understand their financial story. I look forward to hearing yours!

bookkeeping specialist

Lucy Butters

Cloud Accounting Support Manager
"I love everything about money."

I find everything about money fascinating: what it can buy, how it can help make people successful, what can happen when you have control over money (rather than it controlling you). It’s even fascinating when things go wrong, because then I can help put it all back together! I have always enjoyed Maths, and since I started earning money at the age of 13 I was creating budgets. So it only seemed natural that I would start to study AAT and move into the financial world. I’m the sort of person who will let my hair down and have a laugh – but only after everything has been put in its place! Finding the advertisement for the Fresh Financials role I feel was fate: I love my job. I love my life.

online bookkeeping specialist

Elizabeth Williams

Finance & Client Support
"I love a good numbers challenge."

More than anything, I’m up for a challenge. Having worked in finance since 2011, it’s the number crunching and problem solving elements of bookkeeping which I enjoy the most. Having achieved part-qualified ACCA status, the time to move from accounting to bookkeeping had never been so appealing; to be able to assist on a more frequent basis and identify the day to day needs. I love the range of industries we work with, the changing demands and techniques, and most of all my personal satisfaction in achieving targets. There’s a real enjoyment in helping others achieve their goals and targets, as well. I quite like horse riding and cycling – and playing the saxophone!

Online bookkeeping specialist

Clare Church

Cloud Bookkeeper
“I want to make a difference.”

I found myself wanting to become more involved with businesses, and to really help them make a difference. So, after becoming AAT qualified and working in finance for many years - with over 10 of those in practice - I felt that it was the perfect time to move from accounting and into bookkeeping.  

I joined the Fresh Financials team in February 2018, and I’m really enjoying getting to know our clients and learning about the wide range of industries that we are involved in. 

When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family, and going to live gigs.

Bookkeeping specialist


Cloud Bookkeeper
“I want to help your business be the best it can be”

I joined Fresh Financials in March 2020 and I feel very lucky to be part of such a passionate and highly-skilled team. Every day is different and every challenge is welcome; there is nothing more satisfying then solving a mathematical puzzle!

It’s wonderful working with clients from a variety of industries and I enjoy learning about what they do and how we can best help them reach their goals. Everyone has different objectives but through daily bookkeeping we can help exceed them. Outside of work I enjoy travelling, yoga and teaching my children how to bake!

Online bookkeeping specialist


Cloud Bookkeeper

My interest in bookkeeping was ignited when I began to make plans to own my own florist business. In preparation for this I enrolled on an evening course in bookkeeping. Before completing the course I had switched career paths to become an Accounting Technician, and later qualified with the AAT.

After working in accountancy practice for over 10 years I realised I want to help and be more directly involved with businesses, so took the decision to move into bookkeeping. Joining the Fresh Financial steam in March 2020 has been a really positive experience and I have found everyone to be very welcoming and supportive.

In my spare time I love being surrounded by my family and nature (preferably at the same time!), exploring woods and countryside is a particular favourite.

Bookkeeping specialist

Hannah King

Operations Manager
I love problem solving!

I’ve never known a more supportive, passionate or knowledgeable team than the one here at Fresh Financials. I joined in 2021 after working for a company that specialises in Xero app integration, and it was amazing to find a group of people who could get as excited and nerdy about Xero as I can! Day to day, I’m in charge of client support, website and socials design, and system management. In this job, no two days are the same, and that’s what I love about it! I’ve always enjoyed being presented with a challenge and finding new, innovative ways to overcome it. And after surviving a global pandemic locked up in a house with my partner while pregnant, I don’t think there's anything I can’t do! When I’m not working to support our wonderful clients, you can find me cooking or spending time with my son, all fueled by a large cup of coffee.


Cloud Bookkeeper

We all want to find a job that we love, and I’m lucky enough to have found it! I find every part of bookkeeping incredibly satisfying, from following our careful processes to the moment of pride when you have a perfectly balanced set of books in front of you.

I joined the Fresh Financials team in 2022, and it’s amazing to be surrounded by so many talented and intelligent women every day. Whether it’s setting up a CSV file or learning new tricks for payroll, we all help each other learn new things and develop our skills.

When I’m not poring over our clients’ books, I’m usually reading or munching on a slice of vegan pizza and binging a new show on Netflix!

Our Values

These values don’t just guide our work; we strive to live by them each and every day. As a member of the Fresh Financials team, you’ll already hold and practice them too:

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Trust is the foundation of our work here at Fresh Financials and at the core of that trust is communication. You’re more than clients to us and we hope we’re more than bookkeepers to you – we’re a team.

We want to hear about your weekends, how your kids are doing or your exciting holiday plans. When you have questions, concerns or exciting ideas you can’t wait to share, you can always reach out using our unlimited telephone and email support. We trust one another to be doing our parts; to be working hard separately in order to thrive as partners.

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It goes without saying but we’re good at what we do. Really good. We don’t settle for anything less. Our processes are tried, true and tested over the years so we can deliver the best of the best every single time.

Our knowledge base is always growing because we’re always pushing ourselves to learn more – if something’s not perfect we work to get it there and if we don’t have an answer we’ll go out and find it. We know excellence is a standard for your business and it is for ours too.

Xero bookkeeping

We believe in being proactive, not reactive. In adapting and evolving, not staying stagnant. We know running a business means each day brings something new, so you need a team behind you that’s ready to handle whatever comes your way.

Internally, our team works as a single unit, with double and triple checks ensuring everything we produce is up to our standards. We stay agile so we can always stay ahead.

Cloud accounting

Work-life balance is a term that’s thrown around a lot these days but we make it a priority. Our mission is to free you from burden, financial stress, and sleepless nights so you have more time to focus on what you love.

Without the right support, running a business can feel like walking on a tightrope – everything feels shaky, like one wrong step will cause you to fall. We give you your balance back.