New Year, New Office, New Name

Whilst we may be nearly at the end of February it certainly still feels like 2017 has only just started. 2016 was such a fantastic year for us all at Fresh Financials, but rather than slowing down, things are speeding up.

The possibilities of what will happen in 2017 are very very exciting: and we encourage you to watch this space.

Fresh Financials moves offices

The beginning of 2017 saw an opportunity to move from our stunning office to a stupendous larger office across the farm.  Whilst we only moved from Unit 10 to Units 1 & 2 there were still logistics to be considered.  

That is where the beauty of running a solely cloud based business comes in handy (plus the fact that we share an office with our Security and Tech partner!). We were able to make the move 6 days after first viewing the office space.

We had no phone lines to cancel – our telephones are on a VOIP run system.  We had no Broadband to move or cancel because we work from a 4G router that simply needed to be unplugged and moved.  In fact the only hard part of the move was the physical moving of the fixtures and fittings!

If I had planned an office move several years ago I would have had filing cabinets full of paper, shelves of A4 ring binders full of clients’ paperwork, and it would have taken days if not weeks. Not anymore! Running a paperless office means that Fresh Financials only have a small filing cabinet (and that cabinet actually has a secret snack stash in the bottom drawer rather than paper).  

The move took 2 days in its entirety: we went from finishing the week on a Friday in Unit 10, to starting the week uninterrupted on the Monday in Units 1 & 2. Our extra space now consists of a chill out zone downstairs and a private meeting room.  

The whole team have the ability to work 100% remotely; however, still having a physical office is important to me. Having worked from home for most of my professional life I now prefer the separation of work and home. This way the team have the choice to work remotely if they prefer: it’s all up to them. Whilst we don’t offer client site visits, we do encourage our clients to visit us, have a coffee and take in the spectacular views.

New name for Emma…Fox!

Another change for the start of 2017 was a name change for me.  

Emma Fox married Jonathan Fox on 21st October 2016 making me now Emma Fox.

We had a wonderful country wedding at our local pub, with Jonathan’s son as best man. My eldest son walked me down the aisle, my daughter sang as we came in and my youngest son was ring bearer.  It was such a special day and we are super excited about the future – so much planned personally and professionally for 2017!

Here’s to a fantastic year!