So, I’m off to Xerocon SOUTH and this is why…

Reinventing bookkeeping is a never-ending process.

When I initially set up Fresh Financials, the challenge of ditching the spreadsheets and the desktop software that was holding not only ourselves but also our clients back, I knew it would be the start of a long but fascinating journey.

You’ll know yourself from your own life and business that technology moves so quickly. Things that were mind blowing just a few years ago can be mainstream today.

As a result, I quickly discovered that if you decide to position yourself in front of the wave, you leave yourself no choice but to keep moving forward. And at a pace.

So, in September I’m heading out to Melbourne for Xerocon and this is why:


So, I’m off to Xerocon SOUTH and this is why...


I want to increase our expertise

It’s important to me that you trust that Fresh Financials are the experts in our field. I want you to know that the systems that we use are the most efficient on the market. And that the speed in which we can process your data is the fasted available. And that we’ve handpicked the best apps for your business.

I believe that it’s not good enough for us to select a handful of software options and then close ourselves off to opportunities until they are old and outdated.

So, for us to stay ahead of the curve and to maintain our knowledge, we need to keep on learning. Attending a major accountancy conference such as Xerocon is a fantastic and fun way for me to achieve this.


I want to learn from the thought leaders in our industry

Although I want us to be ahead of the curve, ultimately, we are dealing with your finances. This means that we cannot be reckless with your information.

I want to ensure that your information is always safe and it is always secure. I would never use your business as a guinea pig for something untested just because the software looks pretty or I’m offered a good price.

This is why I am so excited to hear from the thought leaders in Melbourne. Australia and New Zealand are ahead of the UK in the cloud space, so it will be an amazing opportunity for me to hear directly from their leading accountancy and bookkeeping businesses and discover what is working for them right now.

I can then bring this new knowledge back with me. I’ll no doubt sign up for some free trials and once I’m certain you’ll love it, I’ll let you know about it.


I want to experience the amazing Australian and New Zealand bookkeeping community

The bookkeeping community in Australia and New Zealand is huge.

I’ve been fortunate enough to connect to so many of these bookkeepers through twitter and Facebook. Their enthusiasm and dedication to their industry is infectious.

I am really looking forward to meeting these bookkeepers face to face. No one understands the bookkeeping industry more than a bookkeeper, so there will be so much for me to learn from them and possibly even them from me.


I want to know what is on the horizon

I love Xero and Receipt Bank and all the other bits of software that we use daily. So, I’m always hungry to find out what improvements and advancements these businesses are making.

How will these changes help Fresh Financials to help you better? What can we show you that will blow you away?

The joy of Xerocon is that the software companies use it to preview what they are doing. I’ll get to see the beta versions; have a play and provide feedback.

As you can tell, I’m pretty excited about my trip to Melbourne’s Xerocon. So, keep an eye on my twitter feed in September as I’ll no doubt be tweeting frantically about all the amazing stuff I’ll be discovering. Can’t wait!