Working together to help you find better ways of working

The relationship that we have with our clients has always been at the centre of everything Fresh Financials does. Regardless of how many clients we have or how many team members there are; your bookkeeping will be done daily and always to a very high standard.

To achieve this, we are continually trying to find better ways of working for both our own, and our clients’ businesses. Systems and technology take centre stage here, so we can offer you a prompt, consistent and friendly service.

As you will know, growing a business whilst maintaining high standards and efficiencies is hard work and requires a degree of dedication to the cause. So, this is what we do here at Fresh Financials to ensure we are always finding the best ways of working.


We ensure that we are up to date with any product updates

Technology is speeding up and accountancy is no different. In the past you’d save up and purchase your SAGE desktop software. Then once the year was up, you could choose whether to buy another year’s worth and the software updates that come with it or stick with the status quo.

Xero was founded in 2006 and it provides its Partners with a product update every month. That’s twelve years with twelve product updates each year. Even if there was just one update per month, that’s at least 144 product updates compared to the usual 12.

For this reason, we ensure that every member of our team attends every product update. This means we are always aware of the latest tips and tricks and offerings that Xero has available. So, if you have heard of the new Project module in Xero and want to know more about it; just ask us, we’ll know.


We attend all the main accountancy conferences

 Whilst making sure we know and can use our current software choices as well as we possibly can, it is also important to us that we know what other software options are available to both ourselves and our clients.

As part of our research we attend all of the major accountancy conferences such as Xerocon and Accountex. These give us the opportunity to research and discover new products which we believe will help individual clients improve their own efficiencies and enable them to have a better picture of their accounts.

 As an example, we recently began working with a client in the hospitality industry. Their systems were outdated, and this was causing our client’s a lot of unnecessary stress. After reviewing their workflow and discussing what information they would like to obtain from their financials with us, we did some research into what Xero integrated applications could help them.

Going to Xerocon enabled us to talk directly to the software vendors and discuss the problems our client was having. We could also speak to other bookkeepers whilst we were there who used and could give us their real-world experience of our shortlist of software choices.

Because of this tailored research, we have now implemented Deputy (a cloud-based workforce management system) and Kounta (an EPOS system) into our client’s business with great success.


We test everything ourselves first

 Here at Fresh Financials, we know that your financial information is important to you. We also know that it is confidential and precious.

Because of this, we would never recommend you use a bit of software purely because it seems fun, a salesperson gave us a good pitch, or we receive a seller’s commission.

Instead, we do our best to test everything that we recommend. In as many cases as possible we will use it within our own business first as then we can truly understand its strengths and weaknesses. For the occasions when this is not possible, one of our team will make sure that we have a demo version and will test this against our client’s requirements and expectations.

If there is a particular Xero app that you would like to implement within your business and it is one that we have no experience or knowledge of, we are often able to find another bookkeeping business that has and can call upon their expertise and recommendations to ascertain whether it would be a good fit.


We follow our own rules

At Fresh Financials, every bit of software that we work with must be cloud based. It also must integrate with our other pieces of software if possible.

We are not the kind of bookkeeping business who will tell you to use Xero but use SAGE 50 ourselves. We will not tell you to be paperless but then send you our proposal in the post for you to read and sign.

From the moment you begin working with us you’ll discover that all our processes are online and can be accessed on any device. So, you can sign our proposal on your mobile phone and read your financial reports on a tablet. This is paper and location free bookkeeping.

If you would like to find out more about how we have helped businesses like yours, you can read our case studies here: