Why we love using Slack (and why you will too! )

When you find a tool that makes doing business easier, more efficient and enjoyable, you don’t keep it to yourself. If you haven’t met already, let us introduce you to Slack: a digital messaging app for businesses. We’ve been using Slack for 4 years at Fresh Financials and it’s become invaluable to communicating and collaborating both internally and with you, our clients.

Here are a few reasons why we love it and use it so much:

It helps us communicate with you

Communication is the foundation of all the work we do here at Fresh Financials. We want to hear about your exciting new ideas for your business, the holiday you have booked next month, or quickly answer any questions that might come up.

Instead of an overflowing email inbox, we use Slack to keep all our communication well organised using channels and workspaces. A channel is a dedicated space for conversations to help you bring more structure and clarity to your work. A workspace is a collection of channels. You can create a different workspace per client, per team within your company, or however else you feel is needed to make communication flow as easily as possible.

For example, at Fresh Financials we have separate internal workspaces dedicated to each of our clients. This saves us time, prevents repetition and means everyone on the team is fully updated on new information or requests as they come in!

Slack also lets you record voice messages or jump on a quick voice or video call all within one platform! With all these different options, it doesn’t matter if you’re down the hall from someone or hundreds of miles away; you can work collaboratively and effectively wherever you are.

It’s accessible

Accessibility is hugely important when it comes to choosing the apps and systems you’ll use in your business. More accessible tech means your team can work more productively, more efficiently and most importantly, more comfortably.

We love the keyboard shortcuts you can use to navigate Slack. It can also be used with a screen reader, the size of text can be increased and decreased to your liking and it offers two accessible colour schemes for users with colour-related visual difficulties.

Slack also shares several tips for boosting accessibility even more on their website!

It lets us show off our personalities

Like we always say, we’re not your average bookkeeper. The Fresh Financials Way is all about being fun, positive and modern, and our communication is no different. We love using gifs and emojis in slack to show off our personalities. Whether it’s wishing a team member happy birthday or congratulating you on hitting a goal in your business, Slack lets us have a bit of fun with our messaging!