Struggling to get your clients to pay on time? Introducing Chaser…

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‘Imagine how much time virtual automatic credit control could save me?’

This was my thought process the first time I met David, Chasers founder, back in 2013 at a Xerocon drinks reception. At that point, Chaser was just an apple in David’s eye, and I was excited and intrigued by what app like this could really look like for me and my clients. 

The app was going to remove the need for so much manual chasing work, automatically maintains clean audit trails, and ensure a consistent approach to invoice chasing. The app was Chaser. The man was David Tuck. And in less than two months, I went on to become an official beta tester of the app that would change credit control for me forever.

When a viable product had been developed, David came to visit me in Sussex and presented Chaser in its earliest form. Fresh Financials became one of the three beta testers, alongside Foxability (my husband Jonathan’s business) and Pearce Marketing (the business belonging to my client, friend, and always-gracious guinea pig, Emma Pearce).

Chaser wowed us, and continues to wow us to this day.


Chaser are nominated for Cloud App of the Year 

This year, for the third year running, Chaser has been nominated for Cloud App of the Year at The Accounting Excellence Awards. I’ll be making an appearance, not as a nominee, speaker or judge, but as a guest of David’s. The Accounting Excellence Awards celebrates brilliance in British Accounting, and also happens to be a great excuse to catch up with friends in the industry. 

I’m extremely proud of the team and pleased that Chaser get’s the recognition it deserves. The app is one of the four fundamentals in our Fresh Approach, and it continues to transform our client’s businesses. 

Before Pearce Marketing beta tested Chaser, 90% of Emma’s customers were paying late. This meant that she was sending up to thirty manual chasers every week, spending more and more of her valuable time trying to get paid. Now, almost 90% of Pearce’s clients are paying on time or early, boosted by only 1-2 automated chasers needed with the Chaser system. 


As Chaser gets smarter, your business gets smarter

I spoke to Molly, Chaser’s Marketing Manager, about the upcoming event. She said:

“It’s especially amazing as it is really our users and Partners who get behind us and vote. It shows how much of a difference Chaser makes in their businesses”. 

You may not be there to chink your glass in celebration with us on 12th September, but the bigger and better Chaser get, the more world-class credit control we can offer you, and the more time you have to spend doing the things you love. 

Not a bad deal, don’t you think?