Peter and Mark Founded Simply Academy in 2006. They have since grown from the original small dedicated team to one of over 70 employees and associates. They serve thousands of students and organisations from around the world. They are one of only 4 businesses worldwide who have been awarded ‘Trusted Partner” status by the London Institute of Banking & Finance and are the go-to training provider for the UK’s largest mortgage broker.

Daily bookkeeping was becoming time consuming and they found themselves devoting precious time and energy to the daily financials of the company. They envisaged how their time spent could change with someone taking this off their hands. Peter and Mark decided to trust their instinct and approached Fresh Financials to look over their bookkeeping.

We knew what they wanted to achieve – a complete understanding of their current financial position. We ran a health check of their finances and found a few areas that we could iron out and gain further understanding. We discussed three different options as to how we could move forward. It was agreed that the preferred option would be to take on the daily bookkeeping.

To increase efficiency, we implemented programs like Chaser to get invoices paid faster and designed a Supplier Payment Schedule to ensure they never unintentionally fell behind on a payment. Steps like these, as well as taking daily bookkeeping out of their hands meant they were able to focus on the aspects of their business where their skills are needed most.

Peter and Mark can now relax, confident their finances are being run efficiently and flawlessly by Fresh Financials.