A Huge Public Thank You To My Whole Team!

This Pandemic has been stressful, worrying, unprecedented (my new least favourite word!) & exhausting for all of us!

I want to give a huge thank you to the Fresh Financials Team!

Lucy Butters
Elizabeth Williams
Clare Church
Alex Campbell-Brown
Zoe Tucker
Toni Dawson

Whilst the chaos of announcements from the government over Coronavirus support continues – CBILS, CJRS and now Bounce Back Loans – the Fresh Financials team have fought on and ensured that you all get what you need. They have supported you along the way and hopefully been a source of relief and assistance. There has been so much to learn but also we feel such a passion to help you all personally as well as your businesses. That is part of what you get when you work with Fresh Financials.

I think it is important to thank my team today though as they have also been going through the same as you. They have had to adapt to home working, uncertainty, loneliness along with the stress of learning everything new so that we can support you. Between us all we have 15 children aged from 8 months to 20 odd years old, a horse, several cats, a couple of dogs, ducks & chickens – Home working has involved the stress of Home Schooling, Children not coping with the stress of so much change, Husbands also working from home, Partners working on the Front Line, Childcare non existence – and yet the team turn up every day to work and to help you without one single moan or complaint. To them – Thank You!!

You are a fabulous team and I am so fortunate to have you – and our wonderful clients I know are so grateful for all you do for them!

Every week I promise them that things will calm down and we will not be so busy… Maybe next week!!  But for now, you are all doing an absolutely wonderful job!!