How does MinuteDock help you?

Time tracking

As a switched on business owner, you’re always looking for new tools and systems that can help improve what you do. At Fresh Financials, we’re the same way. That’s why we use Minutedock. 

MinuteDock is a time entry service that makes tracking time flexible and easy. Managing timesheets and tracking work hours is hardly the most exciting part of running a business. If done wrong, it can drain a lot of your time and energy with very little reward towards your future goals. The amazing features on MinuteDock means you can efficiently and easily track your time, manage client billing, and compile reports so you can get back to what you do best that much quicker. 

MinuteDock makes client work easier 

MinuteDock was specially designed with small businesses in mind. They know how important having accurate, transparent, and up to date invoices for clients are to business owners like you. Because of this, they have several features that help make billing the fastest, flexible, and most seamless process possible. 

For example, MinuteDock allows you to: 

  • Track expenses and include them in your invoices 
  • Set targets and budgets for specific users, teams, clients or projects 
  • Customise which entries are visible on your client’s invoice so nonbillable hours aren’t included 
  • Roll-up or group tracked time into different categories on an invoice 
  • Run reports to keep on top of project work and stay within a client’s purchased hours 
  • Send invoices directly to a client’s email or integrate MinuteDock with your accounting software (like QuickBooks, Xero, Wave, MYOB, and Freshbooks) to eliminate double entries 
  • And more! 

Invoicing day doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore. To learn more about how MinuteDock helps make billing for client work a dream and to see all their different features, check out this page

MinuteDock gives you insights into your business 

Efficient time tracking isn’t just for your clients’ benefit; it’s also a great tool to measure your business’ productivity and make key improvements. 

MinuteDock has a powerful in-app reporting engine that compiles reports almost instantly so you’re just a click away from the data you need. You can monitor team efficiency and judge exactly where you’re making or losing the most money across your business with their profitability reports. MinuteDock is also integrated with Excel and CSV so you can export your data to create custom reports, like balance sheets or income statements.

With MinuteDock, the data you need to make smart business decisions is right at your fingertips. Literally! MinuteDock has an app for both iPhone and Android users so you can track time or access reports anytime, anywhere. 

MinuteDock helps Fresh Financials serve you better 

We would never recommend a tool or software to our clients that we didn’t love ourselves here at Fresh Financials. The best part about MinuteDock is that it allows us to serve you, our clients, even better than before. 

We don’t use MinuteDock to track each member of the team every day, like timesheets. Instead, we use it to measure how long certain tasks or projects are taking us and assess how we can be more efficient in our day to day. For example, a team member was recently feeling very stretched for time.

With MinuteDock, we were able to analyse exactly where her time was going and find tasks she could delegate elsewhere. 

We also use MinuteDock to log exactly how much time is being spent on services for each individual client. This ensures the flat fee we charge you upfront is 100% accurate, our Client Reviews are easier and more accurate, and our team can make adjustments so you’re getting exactly what you need when you need it.  

To learn more about how MinuteDock can help you improve your business’ service and profitability,  check out their website here.