Furlough Leave and Holiday


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As we learn and understand more about all the new government benefits and what they mean we are sharing this information with you.

This addresses Furlough Leave and holiday

Holiday will still continue to accrue whilst your employees are on Furlough Leave. The biggest question is that happens when they come back. They will have had a few months when they will have been unable to take holiday and we want to avoid them trying to ‘cram’ all their holiday into the remaining months of the holiday year as that would create a resourcing issue for your business.

The Government have said that the holiday that accrued over the Furlough Leave period can be carried over for the following two years.

Workers who have not taken all their statutory annual leave entitlement due to COVID-19 will now be able to carry it over for 2 years.

The regulations will allow up to 4 weeks to be carried over.

The change is aimed at allowing businesses under particular pressure from the impacts of COVID-19 the flexibility to better manage their workforce, while protecting workers’ right to paid holiday.

If you do have any questions please do let us know.