5 things to know before you choose to work with us

Xero, Fresh Approach

1. We do believe you can look forward to analysing the numbers

I know, wild idea right? 

The misconception is that the numbers shouldn’t be fun, but they are. Because what makes facing the numbers scary is the feeling of not having control over your business. What makes the numbers boring is a lack of understanding of what they can actually do to propel your business forward.

We’re not about to let fear take the driver’s seat, and we’re certainly not going to do the background work and let you figure the rest out.

We say No to Excel Spreadsheets.

No to ugly reports.

No to feeling like you don’t know your own business.

After all, you started your business with passion. And we plan on making sure the flame never goes out.

Your passion + our financial expertise + powerful technology = the fast track to business heaven.

Just ask Piers:

Great stuff! With Fresh Financials on board, and our books in the cloud, we’re on the fast-track to Heaven now

Piers Shepperd – WonderWorks


2. We know that Xero will be a turning point for your business

What is your bookkeeping telling you right now?

Everyone loves a good story. And when it comes to your financials, especially your cash flow – you want that story to be a positive one.

Right now, it might be a big jumbled mess, or it might be completely unclear, and it’s our job to help you unravel the narrative.

Thankfully, every great story has a turning point. An ‘AHA!’ moment. A lightbulb ping.

Adopting and understanding Xero is that turning point in the story of your business.

Xero does more than just make your business better, it makes you a better, stronger business owner, with more growth, profit, and power.

Read more about how Xero will change your story


3. Our bookkeeping approach is tried, tested and truly mind-blowing

We really mean it when we say that we don’t just do the background work and let you figure the rest out the rest.

We’ve test driven almost all of the apps that integrate with Xero, so that you don’t have to figure out which ones are really truly going to “change your life”.

We’ve whittled down our shortlist, and assembled them into a smart and streamlined internal workflow. We’ve been using it for ages here at FF HQ, and now we’re sharing the secret.

It’s the bookkeeping system that is truly mind-blowing and we’re calling it The Fresh Approach.


4. We’re Xero Gold Partners

It may sound like we’re just bragging, but our expertise is of importance to you.

The thing is, it’s one thing to be presented with a story, but it’s pretty useless if it’s written in a language you don’t understand.

The reason technology isn’t the only part of the heavenly equation is because you also need:

  • The financial expertise to help you understand what the numbers are really telling you
  • Specialist advice on how to make the big decisions that follow

That’s where we come in.

We’re here to help you build a profitable business, whatever stage you’re at. Whether that means fully outsourcing your finances or getting the right training to make the tech work for you.


5. We’re definitely not your average bookkeeper

As you can probably tell by now, we’re not the type to sit on the sidelines.

We become a true part of your business, and because your bookkeeping and financials are the core to everything you do, the relationship is a trusted one we don’t take for granted:

  • We’re committed to unchaining you from your desktop
  • Together, we’ll find better ways of working
  • We’re bookkeepers you’d share your crisps with

These are just three principles in a bigger picture of the core values we live and breathe. Find our what they are.


Bonus: This isn’t your average accounting relationship, either

We won’t wait till the end of the year to see how you’re getting on.

When you work with Fresh Financials, you’re entering into a partnership. We’re motivated by your success all year round.

Working with us on the right kind of bookkeeping can give you and your business a fresh start (or a happy ending).

Are you ready to discover your story?

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